Become a Trail Partner Site

Image showing the unveiling of the African American Cultural Garden Historic Marker

The Cleveland Restoration Society invites individuals and organizations to partner with us in commemorating civil rights heritage in the Greater Cleveland area through the installation of historical markers. We are committed to supporting your efforts in the following ways:

Nominating Organization’s Role and Responsibilities:
1. Drafting the marker application for events and structures that commemorate the modern civil rights movement (1954-1976) with thorough research and scholarship.
2. Funding the marker and necessary scholarship for the marker application.
3. Providing the Cleveland Restoration Society with a draft write-up for the Cleveland Civil Rights Trail website, as well as any supplemental materials such as historic photos and oral histories.
4. Planning, executing, and fundraising for the unveiling ceremony.
5. Providing the Cleveland Restoration Society with a draft for announcements and the unveiling ceremony.

Cleveland Restoration Society’s Role and Responsibilities:
1. Ensuring that the draft marker application aligns with the project guidelines for the Civil Rights era (1954-1976).
2. Providing the Cleveland Civil Rights Trail logo for use on the historic marker and in conjunction with announcements and media.
3. Creating and maintaining a webpage on
4. Supporting announcements by broadcasting across our media outlets.
5. Supporting the unveiling ceremony with representatives from the Cleveland Restoration Society in attendance and using a special Civil Rights Trail marker cover.
6. Guiding the process to assist with logistics and planning.

If you are interested in becoming a partner site on the Cleveland Civil Rights Trail, please email